Susanna Baldacci  
Pisa August 4  1967  
 1986 High School Diploma from Secondary Arts School “F. Russoli”, in Pisa.
 19861987 Attendance of the first year of the Sculpture Course at the “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Florence.
 19871990 Drops out from the “Accademia” in order to study goldsmithery. Diploma after attending the three-year course programme from the “International School of Metal Arts” directed by Bino Bini in Florence.
 2008 Workshop with  Giampaolo Babetto, at “Le arti orafe”, Lucca.
Practice :  
 1992 - 1995 Studies and research in goldsmithery in collaboration with the artist-designer Michele Rossi in our laboratory “Vernè Ayn Soph” in Pisa.
 1995 – 2000 Development of own work in the laboratory “Vernè Ayn Soph” open to the public.
 2001 Begins collaboration with Stenia Scarselli with whom she opens the laboratory VERNEEGON
 2009 Creation of a collection of jewels for men working with Marcella Molinaro from Mani Mani Showroom.
 Exhibits :  
 2002 Group exhibit, Leopolda Station, Pisa.
 2004 Personal Exhibit at “Effetto Venezia” Scali del Monte Pio, 25, Livorno.
 2004 Personal Exhibit “Verneegon gioielli“, Foyer of the Verdi Theatre, Pisa.
 2005 Personal Exhibit at “Effetto Venezia” Scali del Monte Pio, 25 Livorno
 2006 Personal Exhibit, Galerie Titanblau, Dresda, Germany.
 2007 Inauguration of new laboratory VERNEEGON gioielli at 29/31 Cavour St. Pisa.
 2010 Group Exhibit “Da materia a gioiello“, Architectural Study 70m2, Livorno.
 2010 International Exhibit of contemporary jewellery “Natura e Artificio” Museum of Natural History, Livorno.
 2011  International Exhibit of contemporary jewellery “Mediterraneo” Museum of Natural History, Livorno.
 2011 F-utili gioielli per Emergency“, group exhibit/auction  Madonna della Neve ex Murate Hall, Florence.
 2011 Ring Party” exhibith on the theme of contemporary rings, care of the Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo, Rotonda a Mare in Senigallia.
 2011 Ti do” (I give you), group exhibit/auction care of the Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo in supportof “Libera”, association against the Mafie, led by Don Luigi Ciotti, in Senigallia.
 2012 Punto e… a capo” group exhibit care of agc, at the Arearte Gallery, Angelini Frame Gallery and the Baviera Palazzetto in Senigallia.
 2012 Gioie da condividere”, exhibit/ auction for the Sonia Association in support of the women of Fatehpur, Utter Paradesh, India, Aranciera di S. Sisto, Roma.