how I began
My training in golsmithery begins in Florence at the “International School of Metal Arts”. We are talking about a period dating back twenty-five years and at the time, besides learning the maine tecniques, I worked side by side with course-mates from all over the world, mostly from Northern Europe and Japan.
This mixture of cultures and my teachers Bino Bini and Hisako Murata (who was also from Japan) have greatly influenced my work in the following years right up to this day.
what a jewel is to me
I think that a piece of jewellery should be, above all, something that leads you in a different direction, a bit like a sudden journey, something that simultaneously relieves and astonishes (amazes) you with a shape that brings you happily somewere else compared to where you were sure you were going,
or that delights you with unespected irony.I have always worked with silver, gold, wood, pearls and in more recent years, I have mixed (moulded) these materials with colored resins.I love vacuums which allow throughts to roam freely that welcome you; chromatic contrasts and contrasts in shapes, material surfaces, shadows that are created and which change according to view points and light. Often the number “two” recurs in the jewels I create: “two” as in a relationship between two different elements but each exishing because the other exists.

At other times it is the colours, shapes, views seen from up high of places that I imagine as distant (far) and uncontaminated and which I love to protect with glass. The colours I use most are reds and oranges, as well as all the different shades of blue, up to indigo.